Marjorie Harris: A life in the garden.


The long cool spring turned into a long cool summer in our area. But weather's been strange everywhere from extreme storms to floods and drought. We truly are in the middle of climate disturbances. Many plants took months to recover from the devastating floods, shifts in temperatures and intensity of...

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July in the garden

I was on CBB’s Fresh Air Sunday morning with Karen Gordon which was such a pleasure. And here's the link to   GARDENISTA with the superb photos by Andreas Trautttmansdorff hope you enjoy AND IF YOU’D LIKE TO SIGN UP FOR THE FREE QUARTERLY, PLEASE DO SO. SUMMER IS COMING.    ...

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This Week in the garden

I'LL BE ON CBB's Fresh Air Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. with Karen Gorden. Try and have a listen. If you missed the story in Gardenista: here's the link     Wow here's a link to a story I wrote on the garden for GARDENISTEA hope you enjoy AND IF YOU'D LIKE TO SIGN UP FOR THE...

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