Marjorie Harris: A life in the garden.


As we staggered though the worst most miserable part of the winter-that-never-ends, it's finally time to think about what changes in the garden to make this year. This is the prime time to get professional help if it's needed because once the weather settles into being dulcet the stampede is on...

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The Spring Flood

Spring always means a rise in ground level water, everybody in the neighbourhood draining into my garden and the usual playground:  Some friends tell me I loe the               flood and could do without it because it's so much fun slogging around the back...

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As thought by magic the mud subsided and the crocuses appeared in all their glory. Not ravaged by squirrels these beauties last long enough to feed any passing bee. Listen to me on CBC today April 17 between 8 and 8:30 or go to I'll be on Fresh...

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