Marjorie Harris: A life in the garden.

plant lists from Fresh Air Sunday

Fresh Air was fantastic for me. Karen Gorden is terrific. I talked a blue streak.  Here are the lists mentioned: Bulb list Muscari  latifolium blue Scilla ‘Spring Beauty’   blue Allium ‘Atropurpureum’ purple Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ purple-magenta Hyacinthoides   non scripta  (English Bluebells Tulipa tarda white  with a yellow interior Tulipa ‘Spring Green’  white with a green stripe My...

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japanese beetles

What a pile of mail about Japanese beetles.  Apparently this was an incredible year for them.  here's a typical letter: We had a garden planted 2yrs.ago. We have [had] tea roses near in the bed adj. to the house[south facing] Had an infestation of the Japanese beetles-killing all the roses plus...

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Jean Cumming wrote me this wonderful e-mail: What is Paris green? Bordeaux mixture? I presume arsenate of lead is an evil poison that cannot and should not be sold or purchased? I found Canadian gardening textbooks at a garage sale, one really, two editions, 1938 and 1951, by A.B. Cutting (I...

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