Marjorie Harris

Autumn Perennials

The sounds and scents of autumn are just coming into their own. Both annuals and perennials are at their height of glory. And my own garden is no exception. Having a stroll around over the weekend was intoxicating.The Artemisia lactiflora ?Guizho? has just about gone...

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A tour in France

???Here's my version of Monet's sublime garden. ?I've been bopping around once??again with Linda Thorne on a tour of some of the magnificent gardens of France.It turned out to be a marvelous trip with a wonderful group who enjoyed things as much as I did.?...

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Watching birds

After yet another mountain of deadlines completed, I realize I?m a serial worker. I can?t blog and do all this other stuff at the same time. But now it?s getting back into the garden to be more than just an observer. The other day I...

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