I would love to be a consultation in your garden.  I know about plants and I can usually tell what’s wrong with a garden as soon as I visit.  But I like to go away and think about you and you in your garden.

I have a couple of packages:

Package 1

You come to my garden and see what it looks like and get an idea of my taste;  we then go to your garden for a walk about. I’ll take photographs and will find out what makes you unhappy about your garden.  I will then write a report, give you new ideas, a planting plan and you’ve got it for life.

Package 2

All of the above, plus I can organize a crew to come in and bump up your soil, provide plants (without huge landscaper markups) and I will place them. We will plant them all properly and mulch.

Package 3

Your balcony, rooftop, or condo needs a garden and I can make it look so much better you’ll be astounded.  We’ve gone into what seem like hopeless spaces and made new garden rooms that give incredible pleasure. Container gardening is something I love to do.


I’d need  digital shots of every aspect of the garden. I need your site location, and aspect. This is really important, what kind of soil you have, the problems you’ve encountered.

All the rest is the same: I’ll send you a planting report and design. Tell you where you can buy plants and what you can buy.

In both cases if the work takes less time than the advance cheque warrants, I’ll return the money to you. And I’ll let you know when I go over the first five hours so you can decide whether to continue or not. You will have a good plan that will outline what stages your garden should be in each season. It’s something you can consult at any time.

Visiting my Garden

I’m happy to have people come through on tours of my garden though in the past I have only done this for charities. I can only accommodate 4 people comfortably. And the garden has a ton of stuff going on all year so there is no season on this. I’ve never done this before and I’ll book these very carefully and charge each person a flat fee so you can make it a gift if you want or have a smashing party. You should be prepared to spend at least an hour and a half with me. I will give a bang up lecture. If you want nibblies and wine it’s fine to bring them along. I love a party.