A flaming red-hot poker strikes a flamboyant noteMarrying abstract with concrete, he further defined each space with its own variety of plants. There?s the Colour Wheel Garden (a sitting area surrounded by plants sweeping through the spectrum of yellow, orange, red, purple and blue); the Big Border with swaths of grasses layered with perennials in blocks of colour; and the Black Garden with dusky foliage and darker blooms. Angling off to the south, an infinity pool perches on a ridge that seems to fall straight into the valley below. Like all the other optics of this garden, the pool is a complete surprise as you turn the corner and come upon it. Beyond are the Gravel Garden (a very modern xeriscape area) and a meadow that is mowed once a year. Each space is separate yet part of the whole, providing astonishment in both style and delivery.
A flaming red-hot poker strikes a flamboyant note.