What is it?
Lonicera japonica ?Aureoreticulata?, yellow-net honeysuckle

Why grow it?
Every garden needs a medium-sized decorative vine that won?t ramp around. Though honeysuckle has a terrible reputation for doing the latter, ?Aureoreticulata? is well-behaved. The pale green, yellowed veined leaves are as bewitching as the fragrant white flowers. They are pale green with bright yellow veins. Allowed to grow to its full height, it might reach 4M, but it?s easy to train along a low fence or screen. It would make an excellent and unusual ground cover.

How and when?
Plant now. Use the same method as planting clematis: make sure that the base of the plant is slightly below the soil level. The soil should be rich (full of organic matter) and kept relatively moist. Be sure to water in well when it?s first planted. Although I find this really difficult to do, it?s a good idea to trim it back after planting so it will grow strong roots. Trim it back each spring. Will be tender in areas colder than zone 6 but try it in a container that can be stored over winter and chop back in the autumn. Otherwise you?ve got a great looking annual.

Where can I get it?
This is a Heritage Perennial and should be available at all outlets carrying their plants

Originally published: 2001. Globe and Mail.