• Fingertip Accessibility
    When everything was put back into the shed, it was done very carefully. ?Think about where you place things,? Seaver says. ?Organize so that the area between your hip and your eye is where you have the items you use most often.? She calls this fingertip accessibility.
  • Garden Accessibility Seaver
    has three full sets of tools she keeps in covered pails in strategic parts of her garden. There is never an excuse not to do a little work. ?Once equipment is organized, you?ll be less likely to talk yourself out of doing a few minutes? work, especially if things are convenient.?
  • There is Room for Everything Seaver believes that you don?t have to give up being a collector to be neat. You can always find a place for your cherished finds. But don?t buy stuff you can?t leave outside all year round. For example, rather than purchasing a garden accent in plaster that won?t withstand the seasons, invest in a good-quality concrete statue.
    (See how my shed looks now!)
  • tidy and organized shed