Dinnick Garden, green urn on a cream plinthDinnick has elegantly framed each vista in such a way that the views are enhanced and unsightly surrounding buildings are blotted out. Tall, narrow ornamental pear trees (Pyrus calleryana) frame the garage; a little archway covered in clematis frames the urn in the parterre; and, looking toward the house, a yellow locust (Robinia pseudoacacia ?Frisia?) in Dinnick?s garden and a honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) in her neighbour?s form a complementary canopy. ?Framing is like setting a stage,? she says.
Within the garden?s formal structure, Dinnick is informal in her planting?billowing plants that soften the hard edges but don?t hide the clarity of the architecture. In early summer, peonies and scabiosa shine in unison with bounteous roses such as Rosa ?Iceberg? (a clear white) and ?The Fairy? (delicate pink), both tough, gorgeous repeat bloomers that billow appropriately and don?t wimp out in terrible winters.