May Day greetings

My poor blog was hit with a Trojan Horse virus and it took days to clean out. Now the usual idiot spammers are at work. I apologize for this. But spring is happening in my garden. I’ve got masses of species tulips in bloom and if this cold weather continues, they will have a fairly long life span as these things go. I notice the squirrels haven’t moved them around and many of them are naturalizing at a glacial pace. The star magnolia is wonderful; ?and right behind I’ve got an Amelanchier canadensis (serviceberry) ?which is a dramatic combination most of the year but just wild right now because they are both in bloom. ?When the magnolia’s bloom is over, the serviceberry will carry on. This right in the centre of the garden.

The wonderful Tom Vogel is going to do a spring panorama tomorrow so it will be up next week. ?Go to the Nav line at the top right. To MY GARDEN and take a minute to look at the panorama he’s created. It’s brilliant. He’s brilliant. ?We’re also gong to have voice over eventually. ?And he will do this in each season. I hope to be able to learn how to id all the things in each of these amazing panoramas.?Meantime don’t rush the season. It is only May 1st. Tender plants should stay under protection. And planting should wait for a week. The newsletter will be coming out next week. Promise.