Spring Bulbs, speeches and weather

Spring bulbs are popping up all over the garden. ?Naturalizig bulbs such as scilla, chionodoxa and species tulips are everywhere. And even though it isn’t picture perfect yet, they are making the most of the sun. ?In fact if the weather gets much hotter most of them will fry. ?Making bulbs last means long cool evenings and nights.???In the current issue of Gardening Life magazine I have a story on the garden of ?Deb and Rick Smith in St. Andrew’s by the Sea. ?I loved them, the garden, the place. ?Now for all of you who might have deer problems, here’s The Smith Solution:

“I sneak out at night with jars of Rickie’s urine and splash it along the perimeter of the garden. ?Seems to work, but alas with this rain will have to start all over again. ?Keep an empty pickle jar by the downstairs toilet and it’s Rickie’s job to fill it often in the spring.”

Having had a glass or two of really excellent red wine with these incredible gardeners, I know they are doing a really good job of keeping that jar filled.?

I have ignored the blog because I was in Collingwood and ?now I’m packing to go to Winnipeg. I’m speaking on Saturday at the ??Canadian Mennonite University as a guest of the Friends of the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. I do my talk: How to Make a Garden?even better at 11 but you an check it at www.friendsconservatory.com or 895.4560

?I?ve just finished organizing my talk and it is really looking very dishy and I?ll have books to sell at the talk.

?Meantime: it?s still going to get cold again so be careful of what you do outside. Just tidy the paths, edges and enjoy the bulbs. Leave them alone and they?ll come through the leaves left just fine.