Good Easter Friday

Listening to CBC ?can make you really mad even on such a holy day as this.?I’m listening to a reprise of my doc with Northrop Frye about Easter ?on CBC ?radio.?Michael Enright apologizes for the bad sound quality. Well, the reason there was a sound problem was that while I was interviewing him (that’s my voice on the tape), they removed the curtains from the window, airplanes started coming over and ?Dr. Frye said is was like having a PHD aural exam as I bombarded him with questions. We were both getting exhausted.?

He was in visiting Norton Professor at Harvard at the time and I went down there on my own to interview him and of course didn’t know how to do anything with the sound equipment. Hadn’t a clue. The popping sound was the Dr. Frye moving on and off mike. Did I notice??Nope. ?

Dr. Frye and I shared a major scotch after it was all over. I’d forgotten how really good it was and how hard he worked for me. I was a former student of his and he was absolutely wonderful about sitting still for hours and hours and being interviewed. And of course he knew everything. He also loved to gossip and we had a lot of fun knocking back a couple of drinks. Then I got to the airport and listened to the tape. Just about fell over it was so awful.?The technies at the CBC did their best to fix it up.?

I also edited the doc.? Diana Filer was the producer. ?Did we get a credit? ? Nope. ?How annoying.?