New container

The big container finally arrived yesterday along with the rain. I like buying one really good new container a year and this one is by Gardenstone which is a Canadian company and I’ve been thrilled with their pots. I like the very plain simple ones (‘Aurora’). They are roomy and will last outdoors all winter without shattering. You can find them at good nurseries but mine have come from Valleyview Gardens and Fiesta Gardens. They aren’t super cheap but since they last for years, over the long run they end up being a good deal.

Anything I don’t have to find space for and can leave out in the garden makes me very happy.

The plants brought indoors for the winter were all dead dry which makes me worry about the condition of everything else outside. Before you give up and become gardened out for the year, make sure your plants are really well watered.

Last year I had all the tubers of dahlias, begonias etc. cleaned off, surrounded by SoilSponge and stored in paper big leaf bags: so easy to make ids on and lots of room for air circulation. They all did really well. And I just shove them into a cool place under the basement steps.

I’m not much of an indoor plant person and it looks like a jungle in here. Makes me nervous just thinking about the responsibility for all those things: Duranta ‘Gold Edge’, Uncinia a rubra (a really pretty little tender grass-like plant which is supposed to be perennial but not here in Z6); a weird looking begonia; a magnificent cordyline (‘Sundance’) and a Canna that has narrow dark foliage and looks like it’s tottering on its last legs; along with a hebe and a few other bits and bobs. Overwatering is the problem with most indoor plants though around here it’s remembering to water at all.