what happens when you don’t have a good editor

It’s all quote today. This was sent by Karen York. You have to read this to see what happens when you don’t have a good editor.

“Copper Queen daffodil
Key features Breck’s
“Exclusive! A long-lasting flush that testament be sensory in your springtime garden. Seldom seen copper- coloured perigonium surrounding a striking orangish transfuse stands come out at the hind of your edge, and makes according to stupefying bouquets, also! Copper Queen?s tough stems ensue from its evolution on the boisterous orient shore of Ireland. The producer pointed this change non only when in favor of its tough staunch, mete with a view to its uncommon colour. In gain, the flowers present higher up the clusters of leaves. Will bring home the bacon more than than ii weeks of breathtaking splendour. Will take back each year, increasing in sizing and beaut yr afterward twelvemonth! This amiable unworried narcissus holds its first-class form, regular in the rain down. Zones 3-8. Bulb sizing 14-16. Deer resistant. Height: 16-18″ Bloom Time: Mid Spring
Sensational in springtime gardens.
We ar incompetent to ship this mathematical product to AE AK BC GU HI PR .”

This is going to cheer me up every time I get criticized for missing typos on this blog. You can’t edit your own copy but this one reaches to the back of beyond. We used to say “Anybody out there editing?” I haven’t a clue what the writer is saying but I might have wanted to buy orange daffodils to make stupefying bouquets.

I just had this year’s new container delivered and it’s gorgeous. More on containers tomorrow.