spring videos

Here’s a remarkable blooming in the garden this week.  It’s gorgeous. And the house and garden are ready for their close up.

june 7 overall

I am doing set of new videos for the Globe and Mail and here are the first ones we a few weeks ago. They do a terrific job editing them and we loved being at the Toronto Botanical Garden to shoot them.






We will be adding  more to the current repertoire in a few weeks and but if you follow either of these links you’ll see what we’re doing.

And on Saturday June  8th there will be an architectural tour going through our house and (I hope) admiring our wonderful garden room and perhaps looking at the garden. If you are interested you can a discount as follows (use the promotional codes below):


What having a tour going through our house has meant is much fixing of stuff, repainting, re oiling, moving of things. It’s gorgeous now and of course the garden is glorious. A friend who  was at The Chelsea Garden Show this year said “This is what the really good gardens look like this year.” Well this garden has looked like this for many years. Maybe the world will catch up:  you can create beauty when you create an ecologically sound garden.