California Life 2

It’s an astounding day: full of sun and more people around than usual because it’s the beginning of the long weekend here: Monday is Presidents’ Day. More people on the beach than we’ve seen since we got here. That means a few dozen today and maybe more tomorrow.
It’s always amazing here: we cook and eat to the sound of the waves rolling in down below. Every evening there is a magnificent sunset which I can post on FaceBook but apparently not on here. And each evening a young surfer bobs around on the waves until the sun sets and he goes off home until tomorrow.
I love the sameness, yet difference of light and the smells that linger in the air through each long day. From the sun rising on the mountains behind us to the sunset skimming across the water in front. we are incredibly lucky to have found this bit of paradise.
It’s like being in a small European town: everyone says “Good day” in one way or another and we have met people on the street who know about our books or have just seen us around. It’s a kind of warmth we have in our own neighbourhood at home.
We’ve even been to a cocktail party or two. And down here that means a banquet of food as well as lots of wine and talk. The big difference is that we all stand about watching the sun go down. A few days ago we were looking for a flash of green. But it won’t happen until there’s an atmospheric conversion a flash of green comes like an explosion when the water is warmer than the air, or vice versa. So we learned at the cocktail party.
Doesn’t matter we wait for it each evening and it becomes a Caneletto out there or a wild impressionistic painting. It is full of glory