New York after Hurricane Sandy

Friends seem to think it’s odd to come to New York when the stories of hurricane damage are devastating  But we’d made plans so long ago  that there seemed no question about coming.

We arrived at a deserted Newark airport and the customs guys said “Thanks for showing your support for us.”  And that started days of unfailing kindness and humor.   We are near The Cloisters so it’s a whole new experience for both of us. We’ve learned the subway system (with lots of help) and we’ve managed to walk on The HighLine the monumental new park that threads it’s elevated way through area bounded by 34th and 14 th. The first people we saw were from Toronto and the rest were dozens and dozens of French tourists (we know because we kept asking them for directions).  They had been at the MOMA the day before and seemed to be everywhere. For a brief moment it felt  like Paris. They are great tablemates in cafes because they talk so quietly.

People up on the Heights feel guilty because the storm left them relatively untouched  and, as ever, generous. When we were waiting for a bus without a pass or tickets, one lovely man said “I’ve been lucky this week—I’ ll swipe you.” And he not only paid our fare, he lead us to the subway where we could buy a pass.  With the subway service changed, cancelled, more people  gave us info on how to get around.  So we’ve been busily eating in the restaurants we can afford  and carrying on normally.  Until today.

The devastation in some parts of the city is terrible but we can’t see it because the trains etc don’t go that far. And New Yorkers go about their business close to usual so it is hard not to emulate them.  A big call went out more much needed under garments and I’m sure people here flooded New Jersey with them.We knew Obama won because we could hear shouting in the streets. Now a storm is about to hit so we decided to stick close to home base and go to the Cloister.  We arrived at the park just as they were taping it off.   All parks are closed.

Back to base and read and wait and  go out to lunch around the corner,  Yes it’s an odd time to be inNYC but what an exhilarating place no matter what.  Now here comes the rain and the snow.