Changes to the website

Well, having managed to get through Christmas Day, I was felled by the annual cold as soon as the family left our house and I’ve been in bed since. I feel terrible.?

There have been some changes to the web site while I’ve been on my back.

You no longer need to register on the site in order to comment on
posts. However you will be asked to enter your email address in order
to prevent spam.
Email addresses won’t be publicly displayed and will not be used for
any other purposes or shared with anyone else.
Leaving a comment using your email address does NOT mean you are
registered for the newsletter.
Your first comment (ever) will need to be approved by a moderator but
in future your email address will only be used as a way of
immediately and automatically authenticating/approving and then
displaying your comment.

Eventually there will be masses more content and I’ll get lots more pictures up. As soon as I get past this misery I will work out a rhythm for this blog. Right now it’s ginger tea and back to bed.