California Too

It’s been a bonanza week in the bay here at the Carp. The other day hundreds of pelicans showed up chasing a school of fish dive-bombing them, making a snatch and then wheeling around the sky. It was astounding to watch that many birds all hunting at the same time. And right behind them came the dolphins, gracefully swooping in and out and getting their fill.

Pelicans dive bombing It’s hard to see just how many birds there were from this tiny picture but it was thrilling beyond description.

And then to watch those smart dolphins taking their cue. It was a whole sunset-filled panorama of delight.

We have been tootling around with friends going to look at gardens (and will return with a camera) and eat so very well.  The food here is astounding even more so because because  eating fresh vegetables in winter seems so privileged and yet here it is normal. We are surrounded by bounty and perfect, lovely moments each day.

The other night we were with friends in a local restaurant when I saw a very attractive man come in and sit by himself and enjoy a great meal. His pleasure in his own company was absolute and delightful. When he left I said to my friend Ralph “Look at the guy leaving the resto now, he looks sooo familiar.”

“That’s Christopher Lloyd.”  said Ralph with his adorable smile.  I’m just as glad I didn’t glom on to it immediately because he’s one of my heroes. I’ve loved just about everything he’s down from Back to the Future to Modern Family. I might have embarrassed the whole table by addressing him. Not done here.

Everyone looks like someone because they probably are someone.  Now I swear that The Great Lebowski has walked into at least two restos where I’ve had lunch. But it’s a look.  And Jeff Bridges has not made an appearance though we are going to have an evening of watching The Dude just as soon as we can organize it.

Organization isn’t uppermost on this trip.  It’s hard to be that way when all I want is to be at the beck and call of the ocean.  The new copy of ZOOMER arrived with an 8-page spread on my garden and it is gorgeous. Wow what a magazine and what a take out this is.  Have a look at March and enjoy. Tell me what you think of the four seasons in my garden.

I’m also sending out my newsletter, slowly,  painfully. It seems to be impossible to do it as efficiently (so it seems now) as I usually do. I’ll be at it for days between walks on the beach. I’m also thinking about gardens back home and what we’ll be doing with them this year. I must say with anticipation.

This is one of my favorite daily sights:  are they worshipping the sunset? are they pod people? Sometimes they come with candles and weep. That we recognize and  it is an achingly glorious  moment each day.

2012 people at sunset