Spring perennials

The garden has popped. It’s crammed with  perennials and  bulbs; buds bursting on shrubs and trees. I have been  in the hospital with my husband Jack who has just undergone heart surgery. I can now truly celebrate spring:  spring for him with a new valve and by passes; spring for the garden that has this going on.  2011 Viburnum bodnantensis

That’s a Viburnum bodnentensis which I swear did not look like that a few days ago.  It’s  going crazy.  And a  Cornus mas behind it is starting to look golden. And i n the outside world the sun shines. The bubble of being in the hospital is broken once I see the garden. It never disappointed. Mud has turned into a carpet of green and blue and white:  scilla, chionodoxa, snouts of everything pushing up.

But last night temps dipped down to -2C so we’re are not in a safe zone yet.

I will be talking to the Edmonton Hort on Easter Monday:  LET’S STOP MAKING UGLY GARDENS.  Really looking forward to this.  Monday 25th at 7 p.m.