Word on the Street 2010

This Sunday at 4:45 I will be speaking at the Money Matters tent at WORD ON THE STREET. The biggest celebration of books and writers is at Queeen’s Park Crescent Sunday Sept. 26th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

I’ll be in Booth #321 with Andrew Smith. We’ll be selling his novels, my garden books and I’m available for plant and garden information. Our little tent is on the west side of the park just above Hoskins Avenue.

This week is the last this year for my Plant of the Week column with the Globe and Mail. I’ll attempt to carry it on here, but if you have questions about the plants coming up this week, just let me know.  The bulb e-letter is ready and I’m working on the putting the garden to bed now.

Last week was my favourite smallish tree:  Acer griseum:

Acer griseum It grows up to 20 feet, but has a huge rootball so place it very carefully and grows in Z 5 and warmer in Canada. It can be pruned as a standard which is what we’re doing here. The bark is the pull:  exfoliating cinnamon coloured bark that peels off to show a pale pink/gray/brown new bark. It’s gorgeous. Really intense s colour which comes out as the latest of the trees in my garden to shift into autumn glory.