the garden in july

The perennials are bursting out all over the garden. This is a garden which depends on foliage for most of its colour so it’s startling to see Phlox ‘David’ shining in the background, the few roses I have being outrageous and all the hydrangeas I was given last year to trial are now coming into delicious pinks, pure whites in amazing variety. 'Betty Corning' in lilac treeThis is a sight that absolutely delights:  it’s Clematis ‘Betty Corning’ ramping her way through the lilac tree which, out of bloom, is dead  boring. This goes on and on for weeks thus the delight. It’s a great way of giving a dullish plant extended interest and the clem certainly likes it. Another one whaps around an Acer palmatum ‘Sangu-Kaku’ which may not be the best thing for it, but I’m enjoying it anyway.

To add to garden enjoyment mark July 14th to go to the Toronto Botanical Gardens to hear Cameron McMaster give a talk. He is a leading expert on geophytes, he’s from South Africa and he regarded as a great speaker.  That’s at 7 p.m.  July 14th, TBG (go to their web site for more information).

I’m coming back to blogging because the worst of the crazy planting season is over.  My little crew and I have handled 30 gardens in very short order (or so it feels there are days when falling over seems the only alternative) and we’ve put in some gorgeous gardens.   I’ll talk about what I’ve learned from them over the next few weeks. And will get on with a newsletter.