Spring perennials are popping

The garden is popping in this weather. which has been  over 20C day after day. Even magnolias are coming out, and  the the Viburnum bodnantense has never looked so magnificent. It’s thrillingt to walk by and be overwhelmed by that intoxicating scent. This was Gertrude Jekyll’s favourite spring shrub and it’s easy to understand why.  In the background below is the Cornus mas which is also going berserk with joy at all this heat.

Viburnum bodnantense

It’s time to cut back vines to about a foot from the ground. But don’t touch silver plants, shrubs and so on.
If you’ve got leaves all over the place, leave them alone, the worms will handle them well in the next couple of weeks.  If you must be tidy this Easter Sunday then just make the edges of borders look good.
Just enjoy and those little babes pushing their snouts out of the soil. It’s a glorious rebirth in every sense of the word.