Of Pruning Persons and Garden Consulting

The response to the closing of Gardening Life has been overwhelming. Who would have known that so many people cared about the magazine? We write in what, sometimes, seems to be a void only to find out that a lot of people are listening.

So listen to this: I have mentioned my pruning guy Derek Welsh many times. He?s the one I trust in my own garden to and he has a company called Authentic Tree Care. So the other day he?s tooling along and a guy from another truck hollers: ?Thanks for all the business you?ve been sending me.? His truck says Derek?s Tree Service.

Now I haven?t a clue who this other guy is, I wouldn?t vouch for him, I don?t know his work so be careful whom you hire. I would never recommend anyone whose work I don?t know. And I sure don?t know Derek?s Tree Service. So if you are unhappy with his work, let me know. Derek Welsh of Authentic Tree Care Inc. is a certified arbourist and you must never ever hire anyone who isn?t to touch your trees.? Make them prove it.

You can reach the right Derek at 1.888.366.2273.? Adele, his wife, runs the company and she?s not only a doll she?s organized. But it?s Derek and his lads who are out on the tree front. I?ve seen them completely transform a garden.

A couple of weeks ago we went into a garden which has a yew hedge almost three storeys high. Incredible and intimidating but a mess. A mess, however, that the birds adore and the client loves but not the unruly quality. Well Authentic Tree Care transformed it into a gorgeous neat green wall. The birds still have sanctuary and the clients still have their privacy.

Speaking of clients, I am going to expand my garden consulting business. I wonder if any of you would be kind enough to copy the following and pass it along to people you think might interested. Anna, as usual, has designed a gorgeous flyer and I hope it will attract people to me and the people I work with. They are all great. Have a look anyway.

Just put “A message from Marjorie Harris” in the subject line and the rest of this. Here is the URL for my garden consulting business. I will take on anything, large or small, balcony or roof terrace. If you could pass this on I would so appreciate it. Thank you, thank you, Marjorie


To get in touch just hit Marjorie Harris (it?s actually a button) and an email window will pop open. For it to work you have to change the word at in the address to the @ symbol. Confused? It?s actually easy and effective.I will also be getting out the next e-letter SOOOOOON