Of iPods and Califordnia

I have been mucking about travelling again. It seems to suck up everything: time, energy, deadlines and design stuff. I?m so far behind even working in the garden was delayed until this week. I was off having a fantastic time at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles last weekend so this week has been catch up time.On the plane going to California, having trouble with my iPod again, my seat mate Dell explained what was going on: I hadn?t fired it up for long enough right at the beginning. It should be plugged in for more than 48 hours not the 24 they told me where I bought it.As a result, my MP4 has been totally hopeless. It gives out about half way through any given flight. So Dell got down his computer and not only recharged it during the flight but gave me a gizmo I can just plug it into the wall and avoid having to do it through my computer.Why aren?t salesmen this helpful? Dell is a techno-junkie, not an IT professional. But he should be, he gave me more information in a short time, and handing over this? extra equipment was unbelievably generous.I would love to find a place where the salespeople didn?t have a sneer of contempt for middle-aged women buying technical equipment. These young guys either treat you like an idiot or ignore you so successfully that actually answering a question seems beyond them.If you are feeling inadequate about your computer, cell phone, digital camera, I cannot recommend the following web site highly enough. Once again, I got more out of reading this than the guys who?ve sold me my considerable repertoire of equipment. Click here.Read it, you won?t regret it and thanks to my friend, Lynda, for passing it on to me. More on California later and I?ll blog on a regular basis from now on. Promise.When I wrote this a few hours ago, I didn’t realize that they only keep these posts up for 8 days.? You’ll have to get in touch with me and I’ll send you an archived version I’ve got.? Sorry about that.? mh