Spring really did arrive this week and the garden is growing at a remarkable clip. Can’t keep up with it. The only disappointment is that the ephemerals so necessary to bumbles and other bees were drowned completely. The mud was just too daunting for them and I don’t see a sign of the trout lilies at all. But here’s what going gangbusters:

hellebores on the left that a Helleborus niger; right is a purple form

Helleborus niger

Helleborus niger



There are more hellebores in the garden and I have to cut back the crappy looking foliage and will do so any minute now. I sort of like the mix of new growth, seductive satiny bloom, with decaying old foliage. It brings everything nature together in one plant.
Spring Flowering shrubs like this:

Wonderful spring flowering bulb such as this Chionodoxa lucilea. I have masses of them now all from a couple of dozen planted decades ago.

Are we spoiled? Was it just the longest running winter in memory? We are so eager to get out and doing in the garden and it should be okay from now on. But hold off clipping shrubs for a week or until you see some growth on the interior of woody plants. Then whack them back.

Today is our wedding anniversary and my adorable husband gave me some glorious yellow tulips and a bottle of Prosecco which I really adore. Tonight we celebrate decades and decades of living with each other. And him not interfering with the garden. Perfect marriage.

If you would like to have the Spring 09 e-letter it’s ready to send to you. Just sign up. We have to keep track of all the names somehow and that’s the only way I can think of doing it. Here are some wonderful events you might want to note:


Toronto Botanical Gardens fabulous plant sale is on May 5 . Go to the really great web site:
Parkdale Hort’s great one day (11 to 2 p.m. on May 9) plant sale go to
Nancy White sings for gardens in Guatamela. this is a great event have a look at the powerpoint presentation to see how much difference a little garden can make. Their fund raiser is on May 7th at Holy Trinity Chruch; see