Another magnificent sunset, alas, this one is our last. We have come to love this old beach town and its people. The apartment has grown on us, mainly because everything around this building is so well run. Cathie and Heidi who manage the apartments, who make everything run smoothly, were unfailingly kind and helpful. What a difference from other places we?ve stayed in. In fact they?ve made us want to come back. So we will be here again next year right in this very spot. And when I get home I?ll be able to put some pictures up so you?ll understand why.

We?ve had an idyllic last day: glittering sun, long walk on the beach and a lunch that was so good I?d like to do it all over again. Gianfranco?s is just up the street from here and how I?d love to have a place of this quality close to home. Homemade lobster ravioli. Good grief a diet is ahead.

No bad news from the home front for once. But I?m nervous about what?s ahead. Though grateful, endlessly grateful, that Paul was there when the flood happened; that Chris helped watch over things; that all the guys working on the project to get this thing in some sort of order before I get home are pitching in like crazy.

We?re packed and ready to go. Actually I?m ready to be at home as well. I want to be back in the garden one way or another and soon. Thanks to all of you who wrote. Really appreciated that.