Spring Bulbs and the Italian Tour

The BEST BULBS SEASON the beginning of the Tuscan Tour

This has been an astounding bulb season. Partly that?s due to the long cool days we?ve been having and, there haven?t been as many squirrels around. These little marauders have left the garden intact. Bulbs are coming up at a great rate. My place looks like a gorgeous Italian tapestry.

Which brings me to packing for Italy. Linda Thorne our leader on this tour is already there and sending back instructions on how to get through CDG airport in Paris. It?s been the one thing on this trip which has been scaring the wits out of me. Our turnaround time is really short.

We?re flying Air France and so I?m going to try and meet up with Gloria, the only other person on this flight who is part of the Tuscan Tour, so we can go through this hell together. I?ve been reading madly, my appetite is whetted that if my garden wasn?t so gorgeous I?d be fully ready to leave.

I need another wander through this smashing garden. The new Japanese maples have settled in as though they?d always lived here. Esther came over the other day and helped me get all the containers ready and outside. Now to water deeply.

My adorable husband, Jack, is not a gardener and he takes the responsibility of looking after the containers so seriously when I?m away that they usually do better with his nursing than my own. Using SoilSponge has helped a lot and they won?t need as much watering but it?s hard not to be concerned at this time of year.

Though my job today, since I?m flying this afternoon, should be to pack. My colour combination is black and green, with the odd bit of caramel. In other words the same old stuff flung into a bag and being hopeful that I?ve got enough to wear. I tend to travel light but at the moment my bedroom has waves of clothes and STUFF washing over the floor and bed, waiting organization

My next stop is Florence and my stomach is alight with butterflies.

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