A bonanza day

What a bonanza day this has been. ?I just have received the news that my book Ecological Gardening is going to come out in all-new up dated edition. Good old Random House has always kept it in print but this means ?a whole new life for this really terrific book, if I do say so. Boy I was on top of stuff. ?I was yakking on about climate change back in 1993. ?This gives me a chance to change my opinions about some things and add masses of new stuff.?And you’ve got to go to MY GARDEN and see what the great Tom Vogel has done in the garden. You can now have an amazing panorama of what the garden looked like at the end of April. ?It’s moved along astoundingly since then but if fascinates me to look at just how far it had to come to where it is today.?And I finally got out my first newsletter. Thank you for so much feed back: ?I meant to say consider goldenrod. ?And I have been chastized by Margot of Manotick who says do NOT divide irises now, wait until July. Okay I agree, sort of. I suggested cleaning out Iris beds if they look terrible. ?I couldn’t possibly wait until July but then I’m am not a big iris devotee.?The feedback will be taken seriously for the next one. Anna Pemberton’s design of the newsletter (more bossy how-to instructions than anything) practically had me in tears it’s so gorgeous. I’m happy to send it out to anyone who wants to sign up. ?