Marjorie Harris: A life in the garden.

June in the garden

      What a great week in the garden. It started with the great photographer Andreas Trautmansdorff shoot in the garden. He's doing it for Gardenista the gardening blog everyone seems to be reading these days. The garden looked ravishing and, of course,  Andreas's magnificent photographs captured the garden that day in...

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Chionodoxa Crocus Okay, we have to calm down after the worst winter since 1974 (as we keep being reminded). We all remember winters of deep snow in our youth, but this was a winter of freeze-thaws devastating to plant life. Then came the Big March Burn. The sun came out and roasted the...

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I was on Fresh Air this morning with the wonderful Mary Ito who makes everything feel fresh.  We discussed the incredible damage our canopy was slammed by the winter ice storms which hit especially hard here in Southern Ontario.   I called my arbourist, Derek Welsh (Authentic Tree Care) about the surrounding...

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