Marjorie Harris: A life in the garden.

New container

The big container finally arrived yesterday along with the rain. I like buying one really good new container a year and this one is by Gardenstone which is a Canadian company and I've been thrilled with their pots. I like the very plain simple ones ('Aurora'). They are roomy and...

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what happens when you don’t have a good editor

It's all quote today. This was sent by Karen York. You have to read this to see what happens when you don't have a good editor. "Copper Queen daffodil Key features Breck's "Exclusive! A long-lasting flush that testament be sensory in your springtime garden. Seldom seen copper- coloured perigonium surrounding a striking orangish...

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The Giller Prize dinner

I am recovering from the amazing Giller Awards dinner last night. What a celebration. You meet everybody in the country you'd really love to talk to from Adrienne Clarkson to Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro. I hung out with Cate Cochran who has a new book called Reconcilable Differences in...

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