Marjorie Harris: A life in the garden.

Spring Mulch

This is a response to Michele's question about what is wrong with mulching: What Dr. Laurence Packer, the bee guy from York U, was objecting to last Saturday was exactly the kind of mulching most real gardeners hate as well: huge wood chips smothering the soil, packed up around perennials,...

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David Suzuki

Saturday's gig with Dr. David Suzuki turned into one of those real surprises. ?I've known Suzuk for decades because I worked on one of his project many years ago. ?When they threw open the doors at the Music Hall and about 50 people filtered in at what we thought was...

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Native Plants

I'm going to be on CBC's 3 to 6 show with Matt Galloway this afternoon ?(on at 4:40) talking about bumble bees and plants in the garden. We need to attract all sorts of birds and insects into our gardens and that's going to be the theme today. As it...

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