Marjorie Harris: A life in the garden.

japanese beetles

What a pile of mail about Japanese beetles.  Apparently this was an incredible year for them.  here's a typical letter: We had a garden planted 2yrs.ago. We have [had] tea roses near in the bed adj. to the house[south facing] Had an infestation of the Japanese beetles-killing all the roses plus...

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Jean Cumming wrote me this wonderful e-mail: What is Paris green? Bordeaux mixture? I presume arsenate of lead is an evil poison that cannot and should not be sold or purchased? I found Canadian gardening textbooks at a garage sale, one really, two editions, 1938 and 1951, by A.B. Cutting (I...

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Lily Beetles

I get back into the garden after non-stop garden installations and what do I find? Lily beetles. I've been hearing from so many of you that the infestation has hit all over the country. Well no one is immune it seems. There's one way to combat them: squishing. Hands,...

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