Designing with Plants:  it’s what we do at Marjorie Harris Designs.  I’ve got an extraordinary crew working with me who will make magic. It doesn’t matter how hopeless your garden seems, we will make a huge difference to your life. We can  re-purpose what you already have, we can fix the soil (absolutely necessary) and turn your garden into a bit of Eden.

We can do just about anything  from a French drain, to screens and fences, walkways, paths and raised stone beds. And add lighting through great design to astonish you.

People think that because I have a public name I’ll be charging gigantic prices. This is not true. I can save you money, usually end up costing way less than the usual landscaper. We are extremely proud of the work we do and we want you to be happy. And we listen. What is it you need?  We can help you work out a budget and we always work hard to stay within the final budget.

Gardens for Balconies, Rooftops and condos.

You don’t need a large backyard to have a satisfying garden to bring year-round pleasure.  We’ve done balcony gardens on the 40th floor and one with that will bring you pleasure all year round. We’ve done gardens on the 40th floor whipped by wind and on a north facing patch with no sun.  Something can be done with these spaces that both graceful and will give you the need hit of nature designed to make you feel so much better.

Landscaper Disaster

If  you hate what’s been done to your garden and you aren’t really sure about how to fix it, we can come to your rescue.  Masses of the same old boring plants?  we can re-purpose them and give you a whole new look.

Renovation Mess

If you’ve been renovating, can’t stand the mess any longer, let us help you get past it.  We can tidy up, and move plants around so that you’ll have a background for a whole new garden look.

Ask for our  electronic brochure and we’ll send the link to you as quickly as possible.


In spite of the incredible heat we’ve been installing gardens BUT it’s because our clients insist on good maintenance as well. It’s something we do well. We can look after your garden with incredible patience and attention to detail.  You will end up with a garden that’s healthy and one you’ll be proud of.

Our prices are more than competitive with most garden designers and landscape, and probably cheaper because we are extremely thorough and careful. And we know our plants.