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How To Make a Garden-The 7 Essential Steps for the Canadian Gardener, by Marjorie Harris

This is my new book ?based on the questions people have been asking me over the past? twenty years as I have been writing about gardening. For the new gardener the idea is that it would cover everything you could possibly ask yourself (or be baffled by) if you are just starting out. For those of you who are ready to re-think or re-vision of your garden, the book will help you get started with lots of great new idieas and a refresher on the fundamentals.

The Seven Essential steps as I see it are:

  1. Become a Pregardener
  2. Know your soil
  3. Set? a Garden Style
  4. Make a Garden Map
  5. How to Select Plants
  6. How to Plant
  7. Garden Care

The book is as friendly as we could get with a ton of pictures?many of them I took in my own garden; others are by some of the best garden photographers in the country (those would be the big dishy ones). ?I had the best time working on this book because it meant going back over much of them material in the other 14 books I?ve written finding the essentials and then adding all the new and wonderful information you will need to make your garden great.