How to Make a Garden, the 7 Essential Steps for the Canadian Gardener
How to make a Garden

This is my new book based on the questions people have been asking me over the past twenty years as I have been writing about gardening. For the new gardener the idea is that it would cover everything you could possibly ask yourself (or be baffled by)….


Botanica North America
Botanica North America

Did you know that the smell of sassafras blowing offshore convinced Columbus he was near land? Or that the American sycamore, which has the largest tree trunk in the eastern forest, can live for 500 to 600 years? Or that in the period before the American Revolution, patriots designated a sycamore tree in each colony as a “Liberty Tree” — a meeting place for plotting against the British?


Books: The Canadian Gardener
The Canadian Gardener

Written and photgraphed specifically with the Canadian gardener in mind, this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guidebook is ideal for both the experienced and beginning gardener. Marjorie Harris’s indispensable gardening advice, design suggestions and selected plant listings will make gardening a joyful and satisfying experience.


Seasons of My Garden

How to make a garden on a difficult site. Here is Harris’s own garden in all four seasons. She shows how she did it, so can you. Under a weeping will, a site full of roots from other people’s tree (including the neighbor’s weeping willow), spring flood, summer drought. The photographs by Andreas Trauttmansdorff are dazzling. But this is way beyond a coffee table book, it’s practical. New gardeners will find the style comforting and helpful, experienced gardeners will get inspiration for new plant combinations.


Books: Favourite Gardening Tips
Marjorie Harris’ Favorite Garden Tips

This books is so full of information it’s hard to believe they could get it on this many pages. It’s organized alphabetically and deals with every problem that could beset the gardener at any level of skill.

A handy A to Z on garden tips I’ve researched or have used over theyears in my own garden. There’s just about everything you’ll need to bring you up to speed on what’s going on in the garden.


Books: Pocket Gardening
Pocket gardening

Even one plant can be a garden, just as long as an imagination is involved and anyone, anywhere, with any outdoor space at all, can be a gardener. Pocket gardening is a practical, inspiring guide to making the most of small spaces, shady corners, containers, balconies and roofs, parking lots and alleys and much more.


Books: Ecological Gardening
Ecological Gardening

Your path to a healthy garden, by Marjorie Harris (Random House of Canada, 1991, 1996). I have a few copies of this book which was first published in 1991 and reprinted in 1996. It points the way to organic gardening on any scale. Lots of stuff on composting, good and bad things that go on in the garden.


Books: In the Garden
In The Garden

For many, the garden is a source of solace and renewal, a place to feast the eyes, stretch the body and renew the soul. In this gentle book, Marjorie Harris explores the nuances of the seasons, the comforting rhythms of nature both physical and spiritual and the restorative effect the garden has had on her over the years.


Books: Favourite Annuals
Favorite annuals

Favorite annuals, by Marjorie Harris; photographs by Paddy Wales (HarperCollins, 1994)

Books: Favorite flowering shrubs
Favorite flowering shrubs

Favorite flowering shrubs, by Marjorie Harris; photographs by Paddy Wales (HarperCollins, 1994)

Books: Favorite perennials
Favorite perennials

Favorite perennials, by Marjorie Harris; photographs by Paddy Wales (HarperCollins, 1994)

Books: Favorite shade plants
Favorite shade plants

Favorite shade plants, by Marjorie Harris; photographs by Paddy Wales (HarperCollins, 1994)

Books: The Canadian gardener's year
The Canadian gardener’s year

The Canadian gardener’s year: a perpetual diary for northern gardeners, by Marjorie Harris (Random House, 1992)

In the Garden: Thoughts on the Changing Seasons

by Marjorie Harris (Harper Collins, 1996)

Better house and planet: ecological household hints

by Marjorie Harris (Key Porter Books, 1991)