21st Jan, 2017

The Sunday Edition Essay

In case you miss it and might like to here it, this is the essay I did for the Sunday Edition January 22, 2017:


Jan 20

How to use time in old age? “I don’t want to kill time. I want to be doing something useful.” @Marjorie_Harris essay cbc.ca/1.3941102


This year I have closed part of my Marjorie Harris Gardens business:  the installation and maintenance part.  I will still carry on being a plant consultant and garden designer, write as much about gardening as is possible. But have a listen to my reasoning about slowing down.



I listened to your piece this morning, and loved it.I first encountered your name as a Christmas present, the book Canadian Gardens, and I still refer to it after nearly 30 years and 4 gardens in 3 provinces later. I enjoyed the Globe and Mail articles and I thinkmy sense of garden form, and planting is rooted in these readings.
Thank you and enjoy the change of pace, I am.

Hi Marjorie,

Really enjoyed your essay. Enjoy your next chapter I hope it will include the occasional appearance on CBC radio. I have found your advice very helpful.


Part of getting older is to know what to let go of, so that you can better enjoy what you keep, or re-discover.

I see this in my own garden, as I let go of grandiose plans of adding more beds (more weeding, edging, dividing!), or more “hidden rooms”.

It is enough. And as you stated in your lovely CBC essay, and I paraphrase, enough to be able to look at something and appreciate the beauty without thinking of how to do it better.

Enjoy your semi-retirement.

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