2nd Jul, 2016

plant of the week: Spirea

My column in the Globe and Mail can be found at:

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Spirea ‘Double Strike Red’
Read this on The Globe and Mail

I have been so busy this summer but things are returning to a normal work load so I’m hoping to be on this blog more often.  And if anyone can tell be how to get a direct link to my column I would be ever so grateful.





Hi, Marjoire. Here’s a direct link to the item you refer to above: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/home-and-garden/gardening/make-a-splash-in-your-garden-with-spireajaponica-double-play-red/article30712120/

I miss my Spirea ‘Double Strike Red’ that I bought to support a college student in 1969. Your article has started my thoughts on getting some plants, hopefully next spring, and enjoy them again.

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