19th Apr, 2015





white crocus purple crocuspurple crocus white crocus


As thought by magic the mud subsided and the crocuses appeared in all their glory. Not ravaged by squirrels these beauties last long enough to feed any passing bee.

Spring is coming slowly into the garden and finally it’s possible to actually do some work.

Listen to me on Fresh Air:    http://www.cbc.ca/freshair/   this morning Sunday April 19 between 8 and 8:30
The perennial I mentioned today is  Lespedeza thunbergii  ‘Gibraltar’   I have a shot of it on my winter newsletter if you’d like to sign up


I was listening to fresh air this am on cbc and you mentioned a plant of the year lapadista ??? in correct spelling Very interested in looking it up |Please send me correct spelling Thank you

It’s called Lespedeza thunbergii ‘Gibraltar’ have a look at in on Google
It’s gorgeous.

Hello. I am desperately looking for a shrub called Lespedeza “Little Buddy”. Or clover bush or Lespedeza thunbergii. The Little Buddy name is important. I live in Burlington ON. Can anyone help me locate where to buy it? I have had no luck so far. Thanks

Such a beautiful crocuses, I really love them and agree with you that Lespedeza is gorgeous.

Lovely. I’ve got primroses and bulbs coming up everywhere. I’m so happy I planted hundreds last year! Hope you had fun in Paris! I wanted to share my post with you today about my secret garden project…

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