2nd Oct, 2011

Autumn news

I have been so remiss because I’ve been trying to finish THRIFTY GARDENING FROM THE GROUND UP.

On CBC’s Fresh Air this morning, I mentioned the newsletter.  If you get in touch with me I’ll put you on the list and send a link to the old one and I guarantee I’ll have a new one this week.

I also mentioned a shrub called Lespedeza which I think if a wonderful autumn blooming shrub. I’ll try and take a decent picture of it and put it up here.

There will also be a new batch of videos on the Globe and Mail web site  called Gardening 101.  I’ll also be better at putting things up her from now on. I cannot be working harder than I am right now. It’s crazy.


Would you please clarify re your use of Lespedeza
as it is a highly invasive plant I have two web sites for you to check .You may be using a new non invasive hybrid .
check section “Impacts”
Thank you Deborah Frosst-McInnes

hi marjorie,

I would be delighted to receive your newsletter when you are a little less busy.

I talked briefly with you on the plane home from Rome late October, mentioning your “checkered” garden, and such and that I remember first being “introduced” to you by the Recreating Eden episode.

Please write soon.

Thanks. Susie from Vancouver

Hi again

have not had any response to my note on November 21.

Would be delighted to receive your newsletter.

Susie, Vancouver

Hi Susie: About the time you sent the first note I was in surgery and I have been really bad at getting back to this. It’s been an uphill struggle.
I’m getting out a newsletter today and I will put you on t he list if you e-mail me directly.
I’m so sorry about this Life has been a mess for the past year.

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