Bear?s breeches and stonecrop make fine partners?Every area in this garden is trial and error, and things are up for grabs,? says Deacon. ?If I come across something I like better, I?ll try a new element even if it is very different from the rest of the garden.? It is very much this adventurous spirit, complemented equally by intellectual rigour and hands-on hard work that has made Deacon?s garden one of the most interesting in Canada.

His ideas are so workable in the varied climates that make up our regional geographies because he never lost sight of exactly where he was gardening?and he was never intimidated by it. The sense of daring that he has brought to Canadian garden design should inspire an entire new generation of gardeners and designers.

Bear?s breeches and stonecrop make fine partners.

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This is the final in our four part series covering Tom Deacon’s stunning gardens. For more, check out his use of geometric shapes in Between the Lines, Rainbow Room for his vibrant rainbow garden, and take a glimpse into the dark side with Black Magic.