We have a very dry strip of usually half-dead grass that runs 55 feet along the sunny south side of our new bungalow. Most neighbours who share our problem have resorted to river rock but I?d like to plant something beautiful (and not too expensive). Any suggestions?

?Wendy Vallesi, Guelph ON

Have a look at ornamental grasses. Check out our Plant This feature by botanical editor Karen York on page 35 in the Fall issue of Gardening Life or visit Bluestem Nursery?s web site (bluestem.ca). A few I?d favour for your situation are: the native little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium), big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) and sideoats grama (Bouteloua curtipendula); the fabulous maiden grasses Miscanthus sinensis ?Yaku Jima? and M. s.
?Goliath?; as well as tall moor grass (Molinia arundinacea) and purple moor grass (M. caerulea). With these plants, you?ll have blue, gold and green and four seasons of pleasure.

?Marjorie Harris, Editor at Large