pleached trees

Tree pleaching is a natural and intriguing way of dividing a garden into rooms for a stunning effect, here’s how:

  • Choose trees that have vigorous lateral growth like European beech, Fagus sylvestris; or little leaf linden, Tilia cordata.
  • Plant trees 5 feet apart leaving enough access around them for pruning back and front. You can make a pruning guide out of stakes and jute twine or bamboo sticks to help with the shaping of your trees. Affix parallel rows of jute (or bamboo sticks) to vertical garden stakes and train tree branches along the twine, prune every spring and again when the plant seems to demand it for neatness.
  • Keep the lower trunk to a single stem and continue to cut off any little sprouts.
  • When your trees get to the height you want shear off the top and continue to shape laterally.
  • Remove the form if you?ve used one when tree branches connect one to the other and have formed a
  • dense network.

    Tree pleaching diagram