more clutter

  1. Keep, Contain and Divest
    First, we pulled everything out of the shed. I had to decide whether I?d used each item in the past few years or if not, whether I loved it and couldn?t possibly get rid of it. Then the whole mess was sorted into piles of keep, contain and divest. Each ?keeper? was assigned a container. Seaver points out this is not an excuse to go out and do more shopping. Even in my hovel we found masses of containers: baskets, unused pails, boxes?all reused to keep things together.
  2. Group Like with Like
    Sounds easy, but it was embarrassing to find I had 13 pairs of secateurs?at least now they are in one basket. Ditto with shovels, trowels and string. Yes, masses of string, tape and rope all neatly contained. Potting soil, amendments, stakes and markers were sorted. Pretend you are moving, she advises, and ask yourself ?Would this make it onto the truck?? If not, chuck it.