Kids get a bad rap when it comes to gardening. Too many people think the two don?t mix.? But kids can enjoy gardens if they are included.? And you?ll have to make arrangements now to accommodate them in next year?s garden.


They can be trained. Really. If you start telling them from age ought that that is a border and not to be walked on and that flowers really shouldn?t be eaten (some can?t some are wildly poisonous), you?ll find that they take these message in pretty carefully.

A Secret Garden

Nature shouldn?t be terrifying to kids, but you don?t want them to fool around dangerously either. Sure some flowers can be eaten, but there are just enough that are poisonous to discourage them from this practice until they can distinguish between plants (ie are about 10)

The most successful children?s gardens are those with secret places in them. It doesn?t have to be elaborate: mazes are nice but a small path that darts under a few? ________