Snow damage

I am not a completely stupid person, and I am compulsive but this a.m. it was a toss up as to which aspect of my personality was driving me. I was taking pictures of the garden bathed in snow and glittering sun to replace the now-inappropriate autumn picture above.

?When, through the lens, I noticed half the plants had disappeared. Unbelievable how much snow fell yesterday and last night.? The junipers were split in half; the biggest boxwood in the garden was gone, the grasses flattened.

Instead of waiting and getting dressed properly I flung myself nightgown and all into the black puffy coat and stormed out, long stick in hand, on a plant-rescue mission.? I waded through what must be about 18 inches of snow and yes it did go over the top of my boots. And I have a cold.?

The cold was here before the storm but it?s certainly going to be hanging on longer now I?ve done this bit of garden tomfoolery.? It seemed more important to rescue plants.

Now this is a chore that did occur to me yesterday in mid storm. But going out in all that fury just didn?t seem the thing to do, cozy as I was. Had I gone out and just whacked away and got the major stuff off, the flattening of these poor things would not have had to take place today.?

Apart from that, I?m thrilled at having a snow cover like this.? It?s a superb insulator for plants, will keep the temperatures even in the soil and make sure the soil isn?t getting ravaged where I might not have, ahem, quite finished mulching.?

Yes snow is the very best mulch there is but you have to watch branches like a hawk. Snow is very heavy and a few hours of sunlight is going to make it even more so.

One thing that was totally delightful about yesterday, apart from the fact that we didn?t have to leave the house:?? kids roving up and down the street, shoveling.? Julian next door? and one of his buddies did a fantastic job.? I may hire them for the winter.??