Ontario Rock Garden Society

Life comes dished out in delicious, if small, doses of joy. ?Just when I thought it was all misery (let’s see the windows are being replace after months of waiting on this the coldest day of the year so far), ?the Ontario Rock Garden Society Journal arrives.??ORGS is one of my favourite plant societies. ?Through them I’ve met great gardeners, seen wonderful gardens and managed to find plants I can find nowhere else. ?But this time of year is the best: ?it’s the seed exchange issue which means for $15.00 you get to pick out 60 (sixty) packets of seeds just for being a member.?This is an intrepid group of gardeners. Most of them are very accomplished but a lot are beginners and I can think of no better way to being introduced to the world of gardening. And it’s cheap: ?$25 a year; for a journal, seeds, meetings and garden tours. ?They are unfailingly kind and helpful.?I joined when I was a novice and it was one of the best moves I’ve ever made.?I’m going to spend about 3 hours in the spa bath tub and pick out seeds. It’s a bare bones list of plants but the fun is being able to google them now and actually see what they look like. When I started out there was no such thing as the web and the?encyclopedias?got heavy duty work out. ?I just looked over the list of 1477 plants.?I have never heard of Zigadenus but I’m sure going to look it up. This is enough to make anyone salivate. ?Just what one needs as the days get darker. ?Though I must say it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I always learn something from the journal.?To join: ? have a look at ? http\www.onrockgarden.com.I’ll figure out what I’m going to order in the next couple of days. ??Can spring be far away? ??Doesn’t feel like it hunkered down in my office as far away from the open windows as possible. ?At least the furnace is still running. We take joy from where we can.?