Good trees with good autumn colour

Autumn colours have not been much this year until this week and, voila, what’s left on trees and shrubs has been the usual riot. But not the Fothergilla gardenii. It’s normally a neon gold and orange but it’s stuck in its yellow phase at the moment.

Acer Griseum (Paperbark maple)The Acer griseum (Paperbark maple) is turning the most sensual soft red quite unlike anything else in the garden. I love this tree: it has exfoliating bark which is always a bonus. But the bark colour is of cinnamon-chocolate and it’s positioned very close to the house so I can lap it up on a daily basis. It’s a a pretty little tree, not very much used, though I’m trying to rectify that. Research this tree you will love it.

Another good tree for colour is Oxydendron or sourwood, a small tree native to the Carolinian forest which we are on the cusp of here. All the native trees are all doing well. The Kentucky Coffee tree will be spectacular in a few years. It grows straight as a die and then branches out with amazing foot long leaves that look like ancient ferns. In winter it looks like a dead stick but I don’t care.

I mentioned Chinonanthus virginiana (another Carolinian native) in an earlier blog (#8) and it turned a soft golden orange. It’s one tree I plant to bring closer to the house for easier viewing. A lot of heft is going to be needed if the plans I’m making now actually go through in the spring.