Oh boy the learning curve goes resoundingly owards. I got this from Doug Greene, ace garden writer, blogger and all around gentleman. He was referring to the weird entry I shoved up here a few days ago. He referred to it as a

“… perfect example of splogging! (spam+blogging) The content is scraped from a variety of sites and put together by the software for sending out to good blogs everywhere. Love the ingenuity of the developer if not the actual content. 🙂 A good chuckle to be sure.”

I had never heard of splogging before this. The poor people at Breck’s must tear their hair out.

Here’s what they actually wrote:
Narcissus ‘Copper Queen’

Exclusive! A long-lasting flower that will be sensational in your spring garden. Seldom seen copper- coloured perianth surrounding a dramatic orange cup stands out at the back of your border, and makes for stunning bouquets, too! Copper Queen?s sturdy stems result from its development on the windy eastern coast of Ireland. The grower picked this variety not only for its sturdy stem, but for its unique colour. In addition, the flowers show above the foliage. Will provide more than two weeks of breathtaking splendour. Will return annually, increasing in size and beauty year after year! This lovely carefree narcissus holds its excellent shape, even in the rain. Zones 3-8. Bulb size 14-16. Deer resistant.
Height: 16-18″
Bloom Time: Mid Spring

Nothing like learning in public but I guess that’s the nature of the internet. I was so spammed by nit wits this morning you wonder what would happen if they actually did something productive.

On a more interesting note, it’s astounding but there are plants still in bloom in my garden: Tricyertis ssp just go on and on. Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’ is a radiant purple-blue on the front porch where it’s very protected and I can see it from my office. Alas, they’ll have to removed later this week but this is the latest I’ve had them go on and on. Great annual.