Artemisia ‘Limelight’

At last I’m back.? I have been in computer limbo since Friday and it taught me how much I depend on the internet for my work.? I also missed blogging strangely.

Let no one tell you that it’s easy to switch from PC to Mac:? it’s expensive and takes ages and ages.? Right now two of my computers are speaking to each and will be for 10 hours on transfers.? Maddening.? Even more maddening is to have the server (Sympatico) down for five days before anything was done.? I have talked to so many technicians I’m beginning to think I know what they are talking about.

Sonia who has a wonderful country garden wants to know about Artemisia ‘Limelight’ one of the most invasive plants I’ve found. I had a client who snuck one into her garden after I left it in perfect condition and she’s still?regretting it years later.? It’s way worse than any other artemisia I know of.

And no one told us when it came onto the market a few years ago.? I was furious when I saw it take off in my own garden and the first year got every little tiny piece out.? I wanted it for a container in the shade but didn’t save even a scrap for that.

I think you’ll just have to dig out the whole area, but?save a few scraps for containers. Try it in different size containers and see if it will overwinter in one.? That would be really useful to know about.? Hostas will overwinter in pots for sure.

‘Limelight’ is one of those rogue beauties that are brought out before they are really well tested.? This is a plant that might not run all over the place in, say, Calgary.? But any place warmer and watch out.

I assume that tomorrow I’ll be on my new computer. But I count on nothing. At least it’s not keeping me from gardening.? There are big old stalks calling me to whack at them.